Great Escapes, Social Distancing Style

Private Entrances. Personal Space. Driving Distance.

As we continue to navigate the uncertain and ever-changing waters of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry is facing unprecedented challenges. But, as always, we are adapting. We, and our clients in the Northeast, are beginning to dip our toes into traveling again. With this, we find ourselves facing questions we never thought we would be asking. Instead of “how centrally located is the property?” and “can we make a reservation at the most popular restaurant in town?” it’s “do we need to quarantine on arrival?” and “is the hotel restaurant even operating?” – Our priorities have changed.

Despite all the setbacks, the closed borders, the cancelled and rescheduled and re-cancelled trips, there has been a silver lining. We are rediscovering our local gems, the beauty within driving distance we jetsetters have long taken for granted. For us in the Northeast the issue is now not “is there anywhere we can go?” but “how soon can we go?” as boutique country hotels, mountain cabins, and beach cottages have seen their availability calendars fill up through the rest of the year with city escapees.

Here are our picks for social distance friendly getaways

Lake Placid, NY

Catskills, NY

Bridgehampton, NY

Kennebunkport, ME

Barnard, VT

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