Trend: Next Level Glamping

No gear? No problem Camping in North America used to be synonymous with mosquitos, s’mores, and sleeping bags. Luxurious tents with ensuite bathrooms and King size beds were nowhere to be found but that 5-star African Safari on your bucket list. Safari is still a must-do, but you no longer need to cross the oceanContinue reading “Trend: Next Level Glamping”

Great Escapes, Social Distancing Style

Private Entrances. Personal Space. Driving Distance. As we continue to navigate the uncertain and ever-changing waters of the Covid-19 pandemic, the travel industry is facing unprecedented challenges. But, as always, we are adapting. We, and our clients in the Northeast, are beginning to dip our toes into traveling again. With this, we find ourselves facingContinue reading “Great Escapes, Social Distancing Style”