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Easter Island, a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is actually a special territory of Chile that was annexed in the 1800s. The island is renowned for its 887 monumental statues, called moai which were created by the early Rapanui people and is a World Heritage Site with much of the island protected within Rapa Nui National Park. It has been called the most remote inhabited island in the world with a culture surrounded by mystery and origins unknown, perfect for the traveler seeking a unique and unforgettable experience not found in many other destinations.

It offers something for everyone: pink sand beaches like Ovahe, the pristine beauty of Anakena, volcanoes like the Ranu Raraku Volcano, grasslands to explore on foot or on horseback, diving trips to explore marine life, silent caverns and of course the infamous Moai statues.

Trips Away Travel-Myanmar

Hanga Roa, is the heart of Easter Island, with most of the hotels, restaurants and bars and the local highlight, the caleta(cove), which has quite a few diving schools and restaurants. At the crafts market you can find items made by the islands artisans as well as other Polynesian crafts.

Ranu Raraku Volcano, the foundation of the Moai and the home of over 300 Moai statues which are scattered on its slopes and Anakena, which has been likened to Paradise on the Beach with its warm and calm turquoise waters, white coral sands, palm trees and the only beach approved for swimming. With a climate which is always warm, tourism and infrastructure which is always improving, and a tranquil and beautiful landscape combined with charming people, Easter Island is a place you will long to go back to!!

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