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Namibia is a country of astonishing contrasts named after the Namib - the oldest desert on the planet, partly comprised of a sea of red sand along the Atlantic coastline. Namibia is renowned for its vast open landscapes, never-ending blue skies, sun-drenched weather and incredible starry filled nights. There have been a number of cultural influences throughout the years that have all added to the unique atmosphere. Namibian culture is comprised of African styles along with European influences on their architecture, customs, food and art.

Many of the national parks and game reserves contain a huge variety of wildlife in a medley of contrasting environments including the white saltpans of Etosha National Park, the red dunes at Sossusvlei, lonely beaches along the Skeleton Coast and the desolate wilderness of Kaokoveid. In addition there is the Kulala Wilderness Reserve, an almost 99,000 acre tract near Sossusvlei, a distinctive desert ecosystem which contains desert-adapted wildlife such as bat-eared fox, brown hyaena, and black-backed jackal.

Trips Away Travel-Namibia

The Kunene Region, considered one of the harshest environments on earth, in north-west Nambia is filled with unique wildlife, lunar-like landscapes of rock and is home to one of the world's last nomadic tribes, the Himba. Even though it is considered one of the harshest environments on earth, Namibia is a country which is full of astonishing contrasts for every traveller to explore.

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