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Josette Carrizzo

Josette is the President of Trips Away Travel and has been a travel advisor for over 30 years. She has traveled to every corner of the world on her own and with her family. From camping in Mongolia to luxury hotels in St. Barth, she enjoys it all. Josette has been named to the AFAR Travel Advisory Council and provides her clients with expertise for experiential travel.


Donna Abisror

Donna is the Operations Manager at Trips Away Travel and has kept us running smoothly for over twenty years. She has traveled extensively with her two children all over the world and loves that her job affords her this opportunity.


Lesley Clisura

Lesley has been with Trips Away since 2015. She works closely with Josette and manages our website. Some of her favorite trips have been hiking in the Canadian Rockies and glamping in Kenya and Tanzania – she loves adventure travel!


Elyssa Waldheter

Elyssa has been in the travel industry for over 25 years, assisting her loyal clients with their corporate travel needs. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of the travel industry and is Trips Away’s airline specialist. Elyssa is very well traveled herself – she loves to visit new properties and share her experiences with clients and colleagues.


Gail Rothbard

Gail has been in the travel business for 35 years. She has traveled extensively all over the world, but Africa and other far away undeveloped places are her favorite destinations. She enjoys roughing it as much as staying at 5 star hotels!

(201) 816-5813

Miriam Czernek

Miriam has been with Trips Away for 23 years, assisting her clients with both corporate and leisure travel. When she travels she is always looking to explore new places so she can share her experiences with her clients. She feels that listening to her clients’ travel needs and desires is the key to booking a dream vacation!


Leonor Aguilera

Leo has built a longstanding and loyal base of clients throughout her 30 years in the travel industry. She handles corporate and leisure travel for clients with customized needs using the highest level of service. Leo loves traveling and enjoys sharing her experiences with her clients and colleagues.

(201) 816-5804

Christine Capay

Chris’s career is her passion. She has been in the industry for 35 years and has travelled to many destinations around the world – single, married, couple with children, and couple with grandchildren. She enjoys recommending private villas, luxury hotels, cruises, honeymoons, and tours to her clients as part of her daily routine.

(201) 816-5803

Daria McCabe

Daria has been with Trips Away Travel since 2005 and works closely with Gail. She has extensive knowledge in leisure and corporate group travel. Some of her favorite destinations are Iceland, Ireland, and Italy. Daria loves the experiences and relationships she has gained from the Travel Industry.


Roberta Weiss

Roberta has been an advisor with Trips Away Travel since our company opened its doors and is an expert in luxury travel. She loves to share her expertise and experiences with her loyal clients, ensuring that every trip is an unforgettable journey.


Zelda Starr

With over 40 years in the travel industry, Zelda has traveled extensively around globe. She specializes in booking private tours all over the world. Zelda is very passionate about her work and loyal to her clients.


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